Brown is the new goth

March 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

During the winter months of Melbourne I often listen to Bauhaus, A Certain Ratio, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and other such somber tunes. I had the revelation that I could easily write my childhood into a goth song. At some point I will perform  a variation of the following words with deep vocals, a bass with distortion and delay and appropriate costumery. For now it is a goth poem.


Goth poem


Grandfather knew not his name

Orphan raised in a colony’s shame

Indoctrinated with Jesus’ law

White hands drip silent gore


Father sought a better life

Better life with his good wife

God brought them across the sea

Terror Australis gave birth to me


Children taunt and children tease

With my skin I cannot please

Alone, run from the playground

With no words, no tears, no sound


School teaches ignorance

No talk of stolen innocents

Australia’s black history

To this child, unknown mystery


Heaven above, church so hollow

We offer hymns, empty echo

Jesus pale with open heart

Our father white in heaven art


Television screen, what can I see?

Where is the child dark like me?

With muppet monsters, far away

Small hope for a brighter day


Man-boy moonwalks the divide

We three dance, sister each side

Imitate, adorate, brother brown

Hear nothing brings us down


In the library, try find the words

In science fiction, other worlds

Look in, until I can look out

Fantasy within, and without


The darkness of my shadows

And the brownness of my flesh

Mark the limits of dominion

What your gaze cannot enmesh



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§ One Response to Brown is the new goth

  • Tom says:

    Holy smokes! Aussie Doom Goth here we a come. Love it TQ. Bring on the Rock! Looking forward to seeing more of your powerful writing and lyrics. X PS. I wrote a song called “Big Truck” driving through East Gippsland, after stopping for a lovely cuppa at Orbost. A kind a Lumberjack sludge tune…

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